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Chrystian Dozza (Brazil)

Born in Machado (MG), Brazil, Chrystian Dozza is one of the most exciting Brazilian/Classical players on the international scene.

Winner of several first prizes in performance competitions, Chrystian is also an equally talented composer. Chrystian’s CD Despertar feature his stunning compositions which reflect Brazilian, popular and folk influence.

Chrystian majored in classical guitar at the Santa Barcelona College in São Paulo, and his performances infuse a refined classical technique while maintaining the raw edge and emotion of his Brazilian roots.

A must see concert!!

Stephanie Jones (Australia / Germany)

Do not miss one of our most talented Australian players on a rare visit to Sydney!

Stephanie is currently in Germany studying a Masters in Classical Guitar Performance with Thomas Müller-Pering at the prestigious University of Music Franz Liszt.

In 2017, Stephanie won first place in the Hannabach Guitar Competition, and was a finalist in the Salzburg International Guitar Festival. In 2014, through the Fine Music Network National Competition, Stephanie was awarded the Young Virtuoso of the Year. In 2012, she competed in the prestigious Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition and subsequently won second prize.

In 2014, Stephanie graduated from the Australian National University with First Class Honours. Over the previous four years, Stephanie was studying with the renowned Timothy Kain and Minh Le Hoang.

“Tenderness and delicacy, sensitivity and perfection. But also playfulness and exuberance, virtuosity and sheer joy… The Gothenburg Combo plays classical music with pop appeal, exudes an irresistible life-affirming sense of humor and belong with these qualities to the leading guitar duos of the world.” Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

“A knockout Chamber music experience that evokes the spirit of both Jimi Hendrix and Andrés Segovia” Jönköpings-Posten, Sweden 

The Gothenburg Combo (Sweden)

The Duo has been touring for over 15 years in Europe, North America, South America and Asia and have developed a great stage act. This season they are touring with the legendary American composer Terry Riley, “father of musical minimalism”, writing their first opera, producing “The History of Swedish Music” for the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, US and getting rave reviews for their album ”Guitarscapes”  among many other things.

In their own owrds: “We offer one of the most diverse, entertaining and surprising concert experiences in the Guitar world today! Probably as far away from the standard formula Guitar concert you can possibly get. The duo’s main focus is a generous and warm, often humoristic communication with the audience, particularly aimed at those who may be new to the acoustic guitar scene: our future audiences!!”

Melbourne Guitar Quartet

Melbourne Guitar Quartet (MGQ) is a brilliant addition to Australia’s musical landscape. As Melbourne’s leading guitar ensemble, MGQ’s blend of innovative arrangements, technical flair and superb ensemble playing is a joy to experience. Through the use of bass, baritone, standard, treble and octave guitars, MGQ embodies a vibrant and dynamic onstage musical persona that has amassed diverse audience appeal since the quartet’s formation in 2005. Avid lovers of chamber music, guitar aficionados as well as concert first timers will no doubt be left captivated and fascinated by MGQ’s inimitable re-workings of established classics and feel invigorated by more recent and newly commissioned works. Guitar performance is set to transform as MGQ embarks upon a voyage of exploring the world of guitar as you have never heard it before.